Welcome – our local Programs & Services

Welcome to Millville Baptist Church. We are a close-knit church community for local Millvillers and also for people who are from far away. We want to grow in our love for God and for other people. We have experienced that the life of Jesus as revealed in the gospel enables us to grow in this direction. In recognition of this our website is injil, which means gospel throughout the Middle East. With the many refugees and immigrants coming to us from that part of the world we want to affirm our common brotherhood in using this term for the gospel.
We offer a number of local programs and services for recent arrivals and long-time residents of the Millville area:

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 AM. The entire family is invited as we have programs for children and toddlers downstairs.

Youth Group on Wednesday evenings. For Middle and High school students it is an opportunity to have fun, meet others and learn about what it means to follow Jesus.

Vacation Bible School. Please contact us for times in the summer.

Green Hill Lake Camp.  Because we are so close to Green Hill Lake Camp, we cooperate with GHLC in a number of ways.  You will find that GHLC staff speak at our church often, while a number of our youth work there, and we have youth meetings there on occasion.

Online Program.  With the recent influx of Syrian refugees we have started an online program/opportunity for our new neighbours to learn about the gospel in their mother tongue.  Look for some articles in arabic to come shortly.